Fractional laser resurfacing of intimate areas at Regent Clinic

Preserve the youthfulness of intimate areas
Fractional CO2 laser is used not only in classical aesthetic medicine, but also in gynecology. All questions are answered by the gynecologist of the Regent Clinic.
Indications and contraindications for laser resurfacing
  • increased vaginal lumen after childbirth or weight fluctuations
  • prolapse of the vaginal walls (prolapse)
  • stress urinary incontinence
  • age-related changes (dryness)
  • atrophic changes
  • herpes
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • tendency to form keloid scars
The procedure of laser resurfacing of intimate areas at Regent Clinic
  • application anesthesia of the external genital organs, since the final stage also affects the sensitive par
  • selection of the necessary parameters of the device and a special attachment for the intimate zone.

The essence of the procedure is about the same as in grinding - just perforation of tissues with their subsequent narrowing and a decrease in the total area, but since here we are dealing with a cavity, the volume of this cavity is reduced without loss of depth. A short-term increase of temperature reduces the length of collagen threads by one third, and also stimulates blood circulation and the synthesis of its own collagen and hyaluronic acid.
We recommend physical, water, and sexual rest during the first 2-3 days after the procedure of intimate laser resurfacing.
Are any consequences follow?
None, except for the results that were planned, since the mechanism of action is based on the physical process of stimulating one's own tissues.
Will it hurt?
The procedure is relatively painless, but we try to minimize some discomfort that may be present.
How quickly the effect occurs?
The reduction of collagen fibers during the procedure occurs instantly.
Will the effect last for a long time?
This procedure gives a lasting result, since its effect physically reduces the area of the skin, stimulating the recovery processes from the inside, such as formation of its own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
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