Dermatoscopy and laser removal of moles and papillomas at Regent Clinic, Kyiv

Dermatoscopy in Kyiv

Dermatoscopy is an examination of the skin for detecting of harmful neoplasms at a hundredfold magnification. These are papillomas, keratomas, warts, condylomas and others. A dermatologist can distinguish the above from moles at a basic examination using a dermatoscope.
According to the WHO, the incidence of skin melanoma has increased 7 times over the past 50 years, with a fatal outcome in half of all cases.
Over 130 thousand cases of melanoma are registered worldwide every year.
More than 60 thousand people die from malignant skin neoplasms.
Including melanoma - 48,000 people.
Dermatoscopy is recommended to be carried out periodically to all people, because diagnosing of neoplasms on the skin in time is the key to preventing the appearance and development of melanoma.
Symptoms for which you need to see a dermatologist:
- moles have changed color, shape, grow rapidly;
- moles more than 5 mm in diameter;
- more than 50 moles on the body;
- age spots or moles of an asymmetric shape;
- peeling and itching in the area of the mole;
- blood is released from the mole;
- the appearance of an atypical pigment mesh and vascular pattern on the skin;
- multiple brown, blue or gray dots and other changes.
Regent Clinic doctor — Khristianova Ekaterina Dmitrievna talks about the dermatoscopy procedure
How are dermatoscopy and removal of neoplasms performed at Regent Clinic
Inspection of the neoplasm: visual inspection and then dermatoscopy - inspection at a hundredfold magnification. After examination, the doctor decides to remove or not.
For the patient's comfort, the place of formation is anesthetized with a local anesthetic - Lidocaine - after 2 minutes, you can start the procedure.
The neoplasm is cut from the skin with a laser or radio wave knife. There are no wounds or cuts on the spot and the vessels are instantly sealed.
After removal, in case of suspicion, the cut material is placed in a solution with formalin and sent for histological examination.
Is the removal procedure painful?
We use local anesthesia for your comfort with Lidocaine solution.
Is it harmful to remove moles?
Not harmful, but only after a preliminary examination by a doctor. The doctor, by sight, determines the type of formation itself, and, in case of suspicion, sends it for tests. Additional tests are rarely required.
Rehabilitation period
The laser removal procedure minimally traumatizes the skin, so the rehabilitation period passes quickly - within 2-3 days with shallow penetration. The laser does not leave injuries or scars. The vessels are sealed with a laser during the procedure. A small crust remains but it will tighten soon.
Will I have a scar?
The laser does not leave scars as it minimally traumatizes the skin surface. The patient must follow the doctor's recommendation with aim to avoid scarring of the skin.
Recommendations after removal
Avoid contact with direct sunlight, use antiseptic healing ointments and do not wet the first day.
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