As people get older, their skin loses its elasticity and color; wrinkles and laxity appear. «Regent Clinic» Medical Clinic utilizes special equipment and technologies to bring firmness and elasticity to skin back. This effective rejuvenating procedure is called Endymed microneedling RF lifting.

Endymed microneedling RF lifting features

Endymed company developed unique device using 3D technologies to smooth the skin and remove the wrinkles. This equipment resurfaces epidermis into deep layers of skin, gets them thoroughly warmed.

Endymed PRO device:

• smoothes the wrinkles;
• makes the skin flexible;
• makes epidermis tight;
• gives skin firmness.

Warming up of skin integument brings a good therapeutic effect, for example, turgor of the skin gets stronger and that, in its turn, helps forming new fibers of collagen.

Indications for lifting performance

Microneedling RF lifting procedure consist of two steps: resurfacing and lifting of skin integuments. Lifting with Endymed equipment is successfully utilized in cosmetology industry. It's used for the following tasks:

• pigment spots removal;
• pores cleaning;
• scars smoothing;
• skin leveling;
• removal of edemas under the eyes;
• jawline correction.

Lifting procedure with Endymed equipment is also performed if a patient has a pale face color, dropping and lax skin as well as age-related changes.

Many appearance problems can be eliminated using Endymed PRO device.

Main problems of which are:

• skin laxity;
• stretch marks;
• expression and perioral wrinkles;
• cicatrical tissues;
• scars;
• fat accumulations;
• cellulite.

Innovative Endymed PRO equipment is utilized in cases when fat accumulations are formed around waist, on belly and thighs.

RF lifting benefits

The lifting procedure makes revitalizing and resurfacing of skin possible without surgical interference. A positive effect can be seen even after the first treatment session. The skin becomes flexible, firmer and leveled. The lifting treats areas of pigmentation and minimizes them. After such procedures the skin gains a flashback, becomes fresher, healthy and glowing.

Innovative Endymed PRO equipment is fully safe. All lifting procedures are performed under sterile conditions, fast and positive result is guaranteed.

Microneedling RF lifting produces durable effect and doesn't cause epidermis irritation. The whole procedure is absolutely painless, no negative side effects. These procedures are opened to people of various age groups.

RF lifting performance and its effectiveness

Before the lifting procedures begin, the skin is necessarily cleaned from tiny mud accumulations. A special antiseptic cream, which properly cleans epidermis, softens the skin and makes the procedure more comfortable, is used for this. An average duration of these actions is no more than 45 minutes.

Next, Regent Clinic specialist examines condition of patient's skin, sets up the device and chooses the right size of handpiece depending on readings. Endymed device sends radio-frequency energy into layers of tissue, which is further accumulates in the middle layer of skin. As a result of the treatment, the changes occur at the cellular level which induce cells renewal and lead to the synthesis of collagen fibers. Due to these changes, the skin looks much younger, gets elasticity, shines and beams. To achieve better results, no less than 3 treatment sessions should be performed. Our doctor will give you an advice on optimal frequency of the procedures.

Endymed PRO device for lifting procedures is often utilized by foreign prestige clinics. Regular visitors of the RF lifting procedure are famous artists, politicians and businessmen. This equipment helps people improve their body shape, renovate facial skin, refresh appearance and make it look healthy.

«Regent Clinic» uses modern equipment allowing fix any appearance problems of body and face. Our experienced specialists will choose the right procedure which is safe for your health and that will help in gaining stunning result.
FULL BODY (Живот + внутр.поверхности рук и ног + колени + локти)
29500 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
15000 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Вн.поверхность бедра
15500 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Вн.поверхность плеча
11000 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
9500 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
7500 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
17000 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Кисти рук
7000 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
10500 грн
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Лицо + шея
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Лицо + шея + декольте
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Области глаз
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Растяжки (одна зона)
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Шея + декольте
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
Шрамы/рубцы/растяжки (одна зона)
Безинъекционная коррекция фигуры
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