Human appearance depends on a number of factors, leading role among which is assigned to age. Our look isn't getting any better over the years, that's the rule of nature, a cure for which hasn't been found yet. The skin loses its elasticity, fades; wrinkles and liver spots appear on its surface. When looking at the mirror and seeing these kinds of changes, most of the women are getting upset about them. Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies, it's possible to take those eye-unpleasant defects out. IPL photorejuvenation is one of the most effective modern procedures.

What is photorejuvenation?

Photoaging is a cosmetology term. That's what processes of skin withering, which are caused by harmful effects of ultraviolet exposure, are called. The exposure results in liver and vascular spiders, dryness appearaning on the surface of skin; the epidermis thins and loses turgor. Photorejuvenation can make good work with these changes.

The procedure is performed with a special machine sending out a flow of light on the skin surface. It has particular penetration depth to avoid any skin injuries. For this, the machine uses filters. A flash of light boosts collagen production, resorbs enlarged capillaries, removes pigmentation and gets rid of acne.

Results of the procedure can be noticed even after the first session. To achieve a long-term effect, it's recommended to complete a treatment course including 3-5 procedures. There must be 2-3 weeks of time gap between sessions

Preparations for the procedure

Photorejuvenation procedure is simple enough, but it still requires some preparations:

• It's important to start protecting your skin from sun exposure about one month before planned session.
• During this time a self-tanning solution shouldn't be applied.
• Antibiotic or retinoid treatment must be completed one week before the first session.
• Medications containing aspirin can't be used one week before the course starts.
• Right before the session, any cosmetics must be removed from skin.

You can learn about the necessity of additional measures to prepare for photorejuvenation in consultation with the specialist who will perform the procedure. He will check the condition of your skin and give you recommendations considering individual characteristics of your organism.

Who is indicated for the IPL photorejuvenation procedure?

Problems, which appear as people get older, very often are similar. However, it should be noted that age-related changes are not the only things photorejuvenation can deal with.

Cosmetologists recommend taking course of IPL photorejuvenation to people who have the following defects:

• high intensity of work of sebaceous glands;
• loss of skin turgor, wrinkles;
• vascular spiders;
• skin dryness accompanied by skin tightness feeling;
• acne unresponsive to medication treatment;
• skin pigmentation (freckles, chloasma, etc).

Unfortunately, the procedure is not indicated for everyone.

Contraindications to the procedure

Since flashes of light can induce stimulation of metabolic and other processes, in some diseases and conditions the procedure is strongly not recommended.

Photorejuvenation is contraindicated in the following cases:

• in the presence of epilepsy;
• in the presence of cancerous tumor or suspected oncology disease;
• if there are areas of chronic inflammation on the surface of skin;
• during pregnancy and breast-feeding period;
• in the presence of diabetes;
• during acute exacerbation of a chronic disease;
• if artificial cardiac pacemaker is used;
• in the presence of lip sore and ARVI;
• during treatment by medications (for example, some antibiotics), which are boosting skin sensitivity to the exposure of light.

Warm season can't be a contraindication to the procedure, but it still should better not be performed, as avoiding sunlight is very difficult during this period. Best time of year to perform the procedure is late fall.

Pros and cons of photorejuvenation

Main benefits of IPL photorejuvenation procedure are its effectiveness and long duration of gained results. Besides, the procedure itself doesn't bring any uncomfortable sensations, it doesn't do any harm to the skin and no long rehabilitation is required. After several sessions, a man, who passed the procedure, receives a different look, literally losing dozens of years.

There are also negative sides of photorejuvenation. Those, who have very sensitive skin, can experience prickly and burning sensation. Another side effect is that the result of the treatment will disappear. The course should be repeated about a year later.

How will the procedure go?

The patient will be brought to a comfy chaise longue, his eyes covered with protective spectacles and a special gel applied on facial skin. Next, cosmetologist will apply beams of light on skin with a laser machine. Duration of a session is around 20 minutes. In rare cases, it can last up to 40 minutes. The final step of the procedure is applying a calming cream on skin.

Aspects of facial skin care after the procedure

Rehabilitation takes about 3 days. Rarely it can last up to 10 days. During this period the patient has to strictly follow specialist's advice on caring of skin. It will help obtain a maximum effect. In the first two days after the session, skin may still have some blushes. Sometimes blood spots appear. Hopefully, this side effect is extremely rare.

It's important to remember about the following recommendations:

• Cosmetics can be applied to the face right after the session, but color cosmetics should be used with a very great care.
• It's necessary to strictly follow a water-drinking plan (at least 2 liters of water per day).
• Turn away from smoking for as long period as possible.
• Sauna or beach can't be visited and sun bathes can't be taken within 2 weeks after photorejuvenation.
• High SPF sun-blocking cream must be applied every time before going outside.
• If feeling bad after the procedure, it's necessary to inform the doctor about this condition as soon as possible.

You can pass a photorejuvenation procedure, which is performed safely and according to a top professional standard, at Regent Clinic Medical Center. The clinic uses Clearlight IPL equipment. This laser technology allows giving the patients an effective IPL treatment. The sessions are performed by our experienced cosmetologists.
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