Laser hair removal is one of the most modern and effective methods of getting rid of undesired hairs from body. Regent Clinic is a medical center which utilizes modern cosmetological equipment accompanied by corresponding international certificates. Our specialists implement new quality and safety standards, therefore anyone, who feels like it, can look well-groomed and beautiful regardless of their skin integument type. The technology is based on use of high-speed dynamic laser which effectively manages with removal of undesired hairs without skin injuries.

Laser hair removal these days is the cosmetological procedure that is popular with both women and men. Technology of hair removal with laser beam and gained effect is rightfully considered as a leader in its sphere of beauty industry. Regent Clinic is the first medical center to offer hair removal using Q-MEDICAL laser in Ukraine. Equipment and availability of TRIO option were highly rated by specialists of aesthetic medicine and hardware cosmetology around the world. This method is world-wide used at the best European, American and Asian clinics.
В настоящий момент лазерная эпиляция – это такая косметологическая процедура, которая востребована как среди женщин, так и мужчин. Технология удаления волос лазерным лучом и получаемый эффект по праву считается лидером в своем сегменте бьюти-индустрии. «Regent Clinic» – первый медицинский центр, который предлагает удаление волос в Украине с использованием лазера Q-MEDICAL. Оборудование и наличие опции TRIO высоко оценили специалисты эстетической медицины и аппаратной косметологии по всему миру. Данная методика применяется в лучших европейских, американских и азиатских клиниках мира.

Hair removal with laser — benefits of the technology

Aside from performance and effectiveness, laser hair removal has the following advantages:

• easily works with other procedures;
• absolutely no pain;
• long duration of achieved effect;
• high speed of performance;
• complete human safety;
• ecological safety;
• universality of use (fits any type of skin).

Device, which is used to perform the procedure, includes handpiece equipped with a special sapphire tip. It sends the beam to the required area. Thanks to the material the tip is made of, impact of thermal energy on skin integument is minimized, and laser radiation becomes more effective.

There is no pain during the procedure, since that sapphire cone has a cooling contact system that lowers the temperature of treated area from -5℃ to 5 ℃. The beam can treat the same area several times, without causing any injuries of skin integument. The result of the treatment is perfectly clean skin which is free from any hairs and side effects.

All you need to do is just to consult with our Regent Clinic specialist and visit the procedure to personally experience the high quality and effectiveness of laser hair removal involving Q-MEDICAL equipment.

When usual laser is used, there are numbers of restrictions, for example, restriction on indoor tanning, sauna and other procedures accompanied by rapid temperature change. When using dynamic alternative, there are no any strict restrictions before and after the session. However, there is a recommendation: don't take too many sunbathes within a week before the procedure and after it done, it's better to avoid the exposure to direct ultraviolet beams within another 7 days. This precaution measure will let avoid pigmentation. To prepare for the session, before visiting medical center, it's required to shave undesired hairs.

Indications for laser hair removal

Oftentimes people become regular customers right after the first session. Woman or man can check the performance and comfort; compare the procedure with other hair removal options and forget about them forever opting for laser technologies.

There are a few indications to this method of hair removal:

• excessive amount of hair growth over the body — hyperthyroidism;
• special genetic or aesthetic requirements to the body in some spheres of business;
• hypersensitivity of skin integument to other options of hair removal;
• excessive hair growth due to hormone imbalance in belly or face area.

Laser hair removal: contraindications and potential side effects

It's important to remember that Regent Clinic Medical Center performs the session strictly in accordance with all requirements for performing this procedure and only after consultation with our specialist.

Laser hair removal can't be done in the following cases:

• presence of pigment spots;
• acute chronic diseases of skin integument;
• allergic skin problems;
• birth marks and papillomas within laser-exposed area;
• folliculitis;
• acute virus and catarrhal diseases;
• acute cold sore;
• varicosis;
• oncological diseases;
• any stage of diabetes;
• burns, cuts and wounds in the area of future laser treatment.

For the clients, who have a sensitive and very fair skin, it would be the best to visit the procedure in wintertime, when UV rays effect is not as strong as in summer. Following all technology-based rules and requirements guarantees zero side effects. Our specialists have a solid experience of work and they utilize certified equipment only from a reliable European supplier.

Required number of the laser hair removal procedures

Dynamic removal of hairs is performed with high-impulse-speed beams which allow cover relatively large areas of patient's body (15*25 mm) within short time term. Diode laser can be applied on any phototype of skin: white, tanned, olive. Our specialist chooses wavelength for each client individually considering the color of hairs and skin and required exposure depth. The client will need to pass 7-10 sessions and 15 ones to gain long-lasting effect.

About 2-3 weeks later after the procedure, growing-again little hairs will come off by themselves. The whole process takes around 20 days but any discomfort senses don't rise during this period. Time gap between the first two sessions is 30 days. These time gaps will further be longer to achieve required effect.

Much turns on personal aspects of a patient's body:

• telogen — the old hair comes off of follicle, and the free spot is taken by a newly-grown one;
• catagen — due to the hold of cell division process, the surface of hair begins to become horny;
• anagen — active growth phase of hair, which is a great time to remove it.

The periods between the procedures change depending on number of remaining hairs. Up to 30% of hairs disappear within one session. When the main course is finished, specialists recommend patients to pass a single session each 6 months.

Duration of laser hair removal depends on type of used device, the size of treated area and the size of laser spot. Average duration of a session is 15 minutes. For example, area of underarm is treated for 3 minutes, and the legs (completely) — 30 minutes.

There are 3 the most common types of lasers for performing hair removal:

1. Neodymium (Nd: YAG).
2. Diode.
3. Alexandrite.

Nd: YAG lasers are rarely used technology of that three above mentioned. It exposes the vessels which are feeding hair follicle. Often these lasers are utilized during other cosmetological procedures where they fit better as opposed to hair removal session. Diode laser is the most widely-spread option thanks to its affordable price. Alexandrite devices are able to produce a maximum effect while taking fair hairs out as the laser impacts on melanin in follicle.

Safety of laser hair removal and other method-related concerns of the clients

Some people believe that laser can impact on dark hair only. Modern technology makes it possible to get rid of even fair hair with no less effectiveness. There is a similar misbelief regarding color of skin: the sessions can't be performed if patient's skin is olive or tanned. The equipment, which Regent Clinic uses, can work within any range of skin's color shades.

It is wrongfully thought that the laser removal hair procedure brings pain and discomfort. But thanks to modern Q-MEDICAL technology, client actually doesn't experience any pain feelings even in the most delicate areas of skin. For these purposes, cooling system is used that consists of sapphire tip, water, semiconductor and air.

There is another false statement telling that laser-assisted hair removal can harm a client's health. The laser impacts on hair follicle, therefore it's absolutely safe for the body.

Regent Clinic Medical Center specialists have a personal approach to each client: they draw up a plan of course targeted on gaining the best aesthetic effect. Our dermatologist can tell about all details of the procedure performance during the first consultation.

Performance of laser hair removal at our medical center is the best option in terms of cost, quality and effectiveness. The cost of each session is based on treated area of body, its size and other factors.
250-350 uah
350-450 uah
400-500 uah
700-850 uah
300-350 uah
300-400 uah
300-400 uah
400-500 uah
700-800 uah
1200-1400 uah
700-1200 uah
300 uah
700-1000 uah
700-1000 uah
700-1000 uah
1000-1800 uah
700-900 uah
Intimate areas
900-1400 uah
Intimate areas
600-800 uah
Intimate areas
1600-1900 uah
Leg area
1000-1300 uah
Leg area
1000-1300 uah
Leg area
700-1000 uah
Leg area
Upper lip + armpits
600-700 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini
1100-1600 uah
Popular complexes
Underarms + light bikini
900-1200 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini + shins
1900-2500 грн
Popular complexes
Armpits + light bikini + shins
1700-2200 грн
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini + full legs
2400-3000 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + light bikini + full legs
2200-2700 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini + full legs + full arms
3600-4000 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + light bikini + full legs + full arms
2900-3500 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini + shins + full arms
2600-3400 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + light bikini + shins + full arms
2400-3000 uah
Popular complexes
Full legs + upper lip + armpits
1800-2000 uah
Popular complexes
Armpits + deep bikini + forearms + full legs
3100-3900 uah
Popular complexes
Legs + full deep bikini
2000-2700 uah
Popular complexes
Full legs + deep bikini
2000-2700 uah
Popular complexes
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