Laser gynecology is a relatively new method utilized in treatment of disorders related to female reproductive organs. It's possible to perform a number of health-improving procedures painlessly, fast, quickly and effectively with a laser. This treatment method is regularly used by the specialists of Regent Clinic Medical Center.

Benefits of laser treatment

Laser technology increases accuracy and speed of the treatment. The rehabilitation period is significantly shorter compared to other methods of gynecological disorders treatment. Scars and cicatricial tissues are either small or there is no sign of them at all.

In many cases, if a gynecology-related problem can be eliminated using a laser, the doctors recommend choosing this very method. Alternative technologies have an array of disadvantages. One example is cryotherapy procedure, during which only superficial therapy is performed, and sometimes it doesn't bring a full recovery. Cicatricial tissues are left after electrocoagulation procedure.

Indications for laser gynecology

«Regent Clinic» makes good use of laser technologies to treat:

• polyposis;
• urethra;
• cervical erosions;
• vaginal prolapse;
• cervical dysplasia (cone biopsy).

A number of contraindications to laser treatment are less in comparison with standard surgical interference and other methods. It's not advisable to perform the procedures if a patient is suffering from diabetes, mental disorders, inflammatory processes, complicated dysplasia.

Laser therapy at «Regent Clinic»

At our clinic, before undergoing any kind of gynecological disorders treatment, it's required to pass the following preparations:

• examination performed on the chair by attending doctor;
• extended colposcopy;
• sampling of vaginal discharges, cell smear.

An experienced doctor will check medical history, test results, and find if there are any contraindications to the procedure. If the laser treatment is acceptable, a corresponding procedure will be assigned.

Laser treatment is performed with local anesthesia. The procedure takes up to 15 minutes. Erosion, polyp and other abnormal tissues are treated with a laser beam. After this, neoplasm is rejected, and the process of cells regeneration begins.

Hospital stay isn't required in most cases. First hours after the procedure can be accompanied by nagging pain in the lower abdomen and debilitating feeling. The process of mucous membrane clearing can be followed by bloody discharges; they will be gone in 5-7 days.

There are almost no strict restrictions during the rehabilitation period. Sauna, massage procedures and swimming pools (it's better to avoid dipping into water) shall not be visited within 1 month after the procedure. Acute exercises are prohibited for women.

A month and a half or two months later (according to doctor's instruction), it's required to revisit your doctor to check your medical status and the result of previously performed therapy.

Cervical erosion laser treatment

The most common disorder, which can be treated quickly and painlessly using a laser, is cervical erosion (also known as cervical ectropion). According to the statistics, at least half of women suffer from it in a particular period of their life. Cervical ectropion occurs mainly in young girls who have never even given birth. The main causes include distal risk factors (unsafe abortion, difficult delivery, infection, rough sexual intercourse), but sometimes cervical erosion can be congenital or caused by weakening of immune system.

It's very difficult to diagnose cervical ectropion on your own, since this disorder shows no signs of its presence. In rare cases only, it brings some discomfort. The girls often become aware of this problem only when visiting a gynecologist.

If the problem isn't solved in the proper time, the cervix can lose its elasticity, and it leads to difficult delivery in the future. It's also worth mentioning that impaired epithelial integrity can make a way for some severe infections. In some cases, it can become an indirect cause for the contraction of a tumor. Therefore it's very important to pass a medical checkup in due time and take the necessary steps.

Cervical ectropion laser treatment makes it possible to perform the procedure fast and safely for woman's health. Laser treats affected epithelium leaving no cicatricial tissues. The cervix keeps its maximal elasticity which is a really important matter for the women who are yet going to give birth.

Cervical erosion treatment procedure takes no more than 20 minutes. If the size of affected areas is small, total time of the treatment can be reduced up to 5 minutes. The doctors thoroughly monitor a patient's condition in the course of the procedure.

The main rules of the gynecology department and the whole Regent Clinic Medical Center are care, understanding, careful attitude towards our patients, use of safe and highly-accurate equipment as well as solely professional approach when talking to our clients.
All types of gynecological examinations, including ultrasound and removal of neoplasms.
Pediatric and Adult Gynecology at Regent Clinic.
Get rid of intimate problems that arise after childbirth or as a result of age-related changes in hormonal levels and the like. An innovative procedure without surgery on the Femina SMAS will help.
Femina Smas stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and affects the muscle fascia. The procedure of intimate rejuvenation is painless, you will feel the result after the first session.
✓ restore elasticity
✓ increase sexual sensitivity
✓ relieve urinary incontinence syndrome
✓ improve vascular blood circulation
✓ restore tone
An innovative and effective procedure that helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the vaginal walls. After Femilift, vaginal tissues become tighter and denser, the number and depth of postpartum scars are reduced.

You can undergo treatment at any age, if necessary. Menopause (including the one that is accompanied by the intake of hormonal drugs) is not a contraindication.


✓ atrophy or sluggishness of the muscles of the intimate area
✓ dryness and prolapse of the vaginal walls
✓ stress urinary incontinence
✓ pelvic floor prolapse
✓ recovery after childbirth
✓ desensitization of the G-spot
✓ pain or discomfort during intercourse.


- pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding
- the presence of vascular diseases
- acute infectious diseases
- open wounds at the treatment site

There is no long rehabilitation period after the procedure. Within a week after rejuvenation, it is necessary not to take a hot bath, refuse to visit the sauna baths, refrain from intimacy, it is not recommended to use hygienic tampons.

Regent Clinic accepts professional doctors in compliance with all sanitary standards and regulations, which guarantees the safety of the procedure.
Vaginal rejuvenation with Femina SMAS

Intimate rejuvenation will help:

1400 uah
examination on a chair, analysis of patient history, assignment of testing / analyzes
850 uah
analysis of test results, recommendations
1200 uah
analysis of test results, appointment and preparation of a treatment regimen and recommendations
650 uah
appointment and preparation of a treatment regimen and recommendations
5000 uah
the procedure takes place without anesthesia on a gynecological chair using a modern CO2 laser
4500 uah
before the procedure local anesthesia is applied to the area; a modern CO2 laser is applied; we recommend taking the course (3-4 times)
1200 uah
examination, taking anamnesis, prescribing necessary testing and / or treatment
3500 uah
процедура происходит без обезболивания на гинекологическом кресле с использованием современного СО2 лазера
4500 uah
superficial anesthesia, the urethral area is treated with a modern CO2 laser
5000 uah
the procedure takes place without anesthesia on a gynecological chair using a modern CO2 laser
6000 uah
before the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the area, a modern CO2 laser is applied; we recommend taking the course (3-4 times)
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